Painting Typhus

I was given Typhus by The Honest Wargamer, so I thought I would get the model painted.

I took photos so here is my step-by-step for painting rusty armour my way.

I painted my Deathguard in a similar way.

I started out by attacking the armour a bit to make it more scuffed.
I gave it a scrub with sand and my toothbrush.
After that I gave it a wash in a black brown mix.

Im getting my slightly blurry but not great brush out.
You can see my chocolate colour rust mix. I made it using cheap paint and pva.

I used the brown to very roughly add scratches around the edge of armour.
I also painted all the guns, hoses and other details brown.

Next I added splatter with a hard toothbrush.
Its best to have a bit of a test on some paper. I wanted some more subtle flecking.
You can add water too for different densities.

Here you can see the splatter.

I then addedsome more of my black brown wash.

Next I did some washes with Vallejo Bright Orange.
After that was dry I added splatter with the toothbrush in the same orange.
Be bold, as the orange dries alot more subtle then when it goes on.

This is a shot of the rear showing some lovely runs!

I added some ancient hex-pot Citadel jade green.

Then some highlights in white.

More black brown spotwashes.

I shaved down some pastel and added a bit of pva and water for rust variation, which I painted on in places.

I then added some Blood for the Blood God blood effect paint.
I also gave it a bit of a varnish in Cote D'Arms varnish.

Here is another rear shot.

I used chocolate rice breakfast cereal mixed with sand and pva to do the base.

Here he is on his base.

I put the model on a silicone cake tray.

Then I added chocolate rice breakfast cereal mixed with cheap polyester resin.

I think it looks very fun finished. Loads of super nice textures, and all really easy to do.

From the back, a disgusting slime and poo trail.

Finally here is his glam shot again!