Death Guard

Corruption and Rust

An army of Ramshackle Games vehicles and Games Workshop Space Marines.

(Games Workshop models shown here without permission and for demonstration purposes only.)

This is an army from my personal collection of models. They represent a space marine force recently turned to
chaos. Its made from a combination of parts I have available on the Ramshackle Games web store, plus some old
classic RTB01 plastic marines. I love to paint rust and weathering, so decided that the Death Guard would make
a cool force. They are painted here in thier "pre-heresy" colours, as they begin to tread the dark path of chaos.
These models were bought by me back in 1990 or so, and I had painted them really badly! So they went into a
Dettol bath and I stripped them off. The commander figure was a conversion from the original lead Terminator model
with a plastic marine body welded on with Araldite. The model had been painted as a Mentor Legion marine, and so I
thought I would pay homage to my old paint job by making him Nisk Ran Thawll, the Chapter Master of the
Mentors, fallen to chaos. He was the force commander for these Death Guard and so they followed him into damnation.
I wrote a little dark poem about his posession, published below. The bases were fun to do, I used breakfast cereal!
Its mainly bran flakes, with cocoa pops as the gunk.

The Doom of Nisk Ran Thawll

It was the armour.
I never denied field testing for innovative advances.
They said the power source was a great new wonder. It supplied so much power.
Immaterium Crystal power source.
I should have know.

Immaterium Crystal is warp stone. The damned made material.
It was a gateway from the Realm of Unspeakable Horrors. And something came through.

Grundlewrasp is the demon's name.
I know it because I have spent much time with the foul abomination.
I am imprisoned in my armour. I resist, but to no avail.
The demon seeped into the armour throught the power supply crystal and infected me.
It brought with it a putrid warp bourne virus.
This renders my limbs frail and unresponsive.
From first infection it has been slowly spreading.

Spreading for years, as we lay dormant and drifting in cold ether.
I could not control the armour, but neither could Grundlewrasp.
We fought a mental dual of excrusiation for dominance of a single body.
Alas, finally the infection has won the advantage.
The rot has entered my cranium and now after forty two years it has finally penetrated my mind.
The demon knows my secrets!
I, Nisk Ran Thawll, once Chaptermaster of the Mentor Legion, am but a play-thing to the Lord of Corruption.
My only solace is that the Senior Adeptus Machanicus who betrayed me must walk the path too.
We are bound by the will of the Great Unclean One.

So we search. The armour needs more Warp stone and we search for it.
Grundlewrasp pushes me ever onwards, now that it controls me as a puppet.
Maybe I can find some way to overcome this infection?

I was inspired by the image of Nisk Ran Thawll, as shown in the image below. I used it here without permission!

Here is the unpainted version showing my putty work and conversion.

This is the full army laid out ready for battle.

Initially I did two test models, which turned out great I think.

The army is mainly small five man squads with a power fist in them. I varied the heads,
which are all available from the web store.

I also made a unit of bikers. These are Ramshackle Trikes with integral legs. Easy to convert up!

The Abomination stands in as a dreadnought.

And finally the transports, made from Brass Coffins with Vole tracks.

I even made some markers. Warp stone and piles of demon doo-doo!