The Fall to Corruption

Minds twist and the print of dark power manifests.

James Holloway of Monster Man sent me some great models.
These are some Technalog figures. James bought a random set of 50 and I got a tasty set of 5 from him.
They are bendy plastic, and so to convert them up I had to be a bit cunning. Superglue sort of works, but its not great.
However, in my dim and distant teenage years I mutilated many of my models with fire ;).
I found glue resistant plastics are easy to stick hot pins in!
I made anchor points on the models by heating up some wire and sticking it into the model.
When this hardens it gives you a well bonded pin to attach to the other parts to.
They seemed to paint up a treat. I did give them a thick undercoat just to be sure.

Below you can see the models before I started converting them.
You can see the wire sticking out that I hung the other parts from.

Here is the leader of the team. I cut off his elfy ears and truned his quiver into a holster for his needle gun.
I also added some putty to the bow to make it demon posessed.

The guy below is my favourite of the models I got sent, hence why he gets two photos. I added a gas mask made out of putty and a bit of tube.
I also gave him a bigger fuel tank made from a Ramshackle 28mm scale oil drum.

The hatted officer had one gun swapped out for a melee weapon from the Ramshackle jt bike range.
I also altered the barell on the gun in his left hand. I think he looks savage!

This unfortunate kilt wearing guy has spilt his guts.
I made prolapsed intestines from electical wire, leaving the insulation on.
He also had his musket turned into a more futurey looking weapon with some plastic bits and piano string.

The final member of the team was made from a russian looking hisotical type.
I changed his weapon for the same one as the officer.
I also gouged out a wierd mouth using heated wire. I added a tongue made from putty.
His head is detachable too, which is fun. I added bug legs so it can stand on its own.