Junk Ships

Making gaming models on a budget and recycling.

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I make a set of parts that are really fun for taking junk and tunring it into spaceships. I have made a small fleet from found objects, plastic strue and my Spaceship Detail Kit. It really fun and quick to make a whole load of little ships and other vessels. Here are some images of the set as it arrives, and all the parts cleaned up ready for use.

The ships were made with the kit and mainly bits of sprue, plus other junk I found. For any who don't know sprue is the plastic frame that model kits come attached to. You can find all kinds of cool shapes on sprue if you look for it. The picture on the left below shows the sprue I had. The right picture below shows some closeups of bits I cut off the sprues. The double round part looks like thrusters, and the odd T shaped part looks to me like a cockpit. I had some round sections on there too, which are always useful, as well as the rhombus shaped bit.

The next picture is a cargo hauler made from the kit plus bits of sprue. I am going to go through how I painted it. All the ships were painted more or less in the same way. I was asked to do a painting guide on Reddit, but had already started painting this model. So the second image is after I have painted the main colours on and done a "wash" on the white to dirty it up a bit and look like shading. A wash is just where youmix some water with your paint, and let this pool up in the recesses on the model. I used a dark brown black mix.

I then painted some brand logos on the shipping containers. I also stuck on a waterslide transfer from an old sheet I had. They may look very messy, but remember they are tiny! Plus of course they will get dirtied up and it will be hard to notice the slight wonk on them.

The next step I took as to paint in some shading lines with my dark wash colour. This helps define the model.

I then used a chocolate brown to paint rust all the way around the edges of the model. This simulates scratching. Now I get the idea that rust is not common in space, as thier is no oxygen, but scientist have found a giant cloud of alcohol in space. I think that it would be feasible to encounter big clouds of water in space, and humans would naturally try to harvest them. So this might make thier ships go rusty!

This part is my favourite, the splatter! I use a toothbrush to platter a bit of rust on. This model I used quite alot of splatter, but the others were a bit more restrained.

I then painted the engines with a bit of yellow, followed by orange on the outside and white in the middle. Looks hot!

And finally here it is mounted on a little flight stand and shot against my space background.

I hope this guide helps! Im going to devote the rest of this page to a gallery of the models I made from just one of the detail kits.